Polycoated Boxes

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With Polycoated Boxes, we can offer alternative designs. Each includes a non-fluted heavy duty board that is extremely durable and less susceptible to moisture damage than other packaging, thanks to a poly-ethylene coating on both sides of the material used.

Here at Atlas, we make sure that the properties of our Pollycoated Boxes in certain applications allow them to be used multiple times. The material is very robust, and due to its properties and the style we provide, when the box is collapsed numerous times the board will not split. In addition there are polyethylene liners which makes it very moisture repellent.

Therefore these boxes are traditionally used in wet environments for packing meat, fish and produce.

Polycoated boxes are paper based for recycling, and we can also add eye catching branding. A typical style would be a glued structure that comes in various sizes and styles which can be collapsed and re-used for multiple trips.

If you are looking for a non-corrugated and fluted material which is more durable and less susceptible to moisture then get in touch with us to discuss this.

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