Client: TCI / ECOdesk360


Collaborating with TCI, Atlas were briefed on developing a solution for a desk that could be a forerunner in the future of construction, exhibitions, pop-up offices and work hubs. 


With the enormous waste problem that the usual office provisions and furniture have, the ECOdesk360 represents a pioneering shift towards sustainability without compromise on quality or service. The future of construction, exhibitions, pop-up offices and work hubs will be supported by this 100% sustainable product.

From a planning perspective, Atlas generated a rigid strategy to meet all the objectives listed below. A holistic approach was used to enable the Atlas team to liaise seamless with the structural team at TCI, ensuring that the design and structural process adhered to TCI’s own strategy and vision for a 100% sustainable office desk. The desk had to also follow these objectives:

  • Be 100% Recyclable: A desk that is sustainable and eco-friendly
  • Made in the UK: Locally sourced process to reduce the carbon footprint of the desk
  • Fit for purpose: The ability to be versatile and structurally integral
  • Fully tested: This would ensure that it could adhere to market standard
  • Easy to adapt: Flexibility for the different industries that would use the desk


The solution created by the design team at Atlas was a fully corrugated desk that is environmentally friendly, useful and sustainable. The pack satisfies the objectives as follows:

  • Totally recyclable: The ECOdesk360 represents a process that has been produce more effectively with sustainability at the forefront of both design team minds.
  • Made in the UK: Developing and producing the product locally made the process of communicating and prototyping simple. Responsive manufacture and assembly times are also increased massively than normal wood office desks.
  • Fit for purpose: This hard and versatile desk is complete with integral cable management and a hard-wearing recyclable acrylic top; making it suitable for an office environment.
  • Fully tested: To pass the rigorous testing required by market standards, the design process focussed on creating strong channels of corrugated cardboard and an ingenious method of assembly via L-shaped spurs.
  • Easy to adapt: For specific projects, the desk allows bespoke logo printing to the white side panels making it easy to adapt for specific business needs whilst strengthening a companies corporate image and identity.

About the ECOdesk360

The ECOdesk360 is a 100% recyclable, sustainable cardboard desk from TCI and Atlas Packaging that allows for versatility and easy assembly in semi-permanent office environments.

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