Project Name:  Customised SRP/ Retail Ready Packaging Development

Client: inSpiral Visionary Products

Brief:Design Branded Retail Ready Food Packaging

InSpiral were undertaking a rebrand for their range of raw vegan health food snacks. Already retailing extremely successfully, InSpiral were looking to go to the next stage in retail ready packaging with a move from plain brown cases to a branded shelf ready packaging. Dominik Schnell (CEO at InSpiral) approached Atlas Packaging with a sketch, which combined a standard shelf ready packaging (SRP) solution with additional perforations allowing the case to be used as a counter display unit (CDU).

Solution: Cost Effective Retail Ready Packaging

Atlas produced formal designs and samples to bring Dominik’s SRP vision to life. Some design refinements were introduced, such as a glued crash-lock base to reduce packing time, before the design was ready for graphics to be applied.

The original artwork was also adapted to ensure it was appropriate to the process involved. The only real challenge was where several barcodes were required on the relatively small front panel to account for different flavoured products. However, this was overcome by running to very tight tolerances for the flexographic print process for the packaging. This print process involves larger tolerances in relation to print movement compared to lithographic, digital or screen printing. The payoff is that it’s far more cost effective which is why most retail ready packaging is printed this way today.

Services provided -

  • SRP structural sampling & production preparation
  • Graphics & print file preparation
  • Service, manufacture & delivery

Benefits: Dramatic Growth of Retail Sales

Atlas Packaging and InSpiral Visionary Products worked closely together to turn initial design sketches into a production ready packaging solution. Since the shelf ready packaging was redesigned, InSpiral’s products are now marketed by a number of major UK retailers.

Speaking of the work we’ve produced, InSpiral commented: “Our work with Atlas packaging has been like a breath of fresh air from the word go, not least due to their extremely efficient and professional client service. No request for yet another sample was too much, discussions were to the point, and due to their clear level of expertise we felt guided as well as respected with our individual wishes throughout the entire process.

“As a result our product looks far more professional than ever and with the high-end quality of the SRPs we have gained significantly more shelf presence in this recent period.

“Adding to this, Atlas also came out on top of any price comparison we ran in the past – certainly a massive added bonus in our very competitive world.

“Highly recommended!”