Polycoated Boxes for Horticulture Produce

Brief: Packaging for fruit, vegetables, meat and dairy products

After working together for eight years, Riverford Organic Farmers came to us for new corrugated packaging to transport their fruit, vegetables, meat and dairy products.

Fresh horticulture produce is often packed in damp environments, so structural integrity was key to the brief provided, as was stackability for transportation.

Solution: A durable polycoated box resistant to moisture damage

We were able to adapt our services and come up with the ideal polycoated boxes to transport Riverford’s horticulture produce. To ensure maximum durability, we invested in a bespoke machine to create polycoated boxes. We knew polycoated would offer the soundest protection from moisture damage during both packing and delivery/collection, when boxes are often left outside.

Despite having designed countless boxes for the organic food company, we recognised that this was a chance for innovation and went back to a blank canvas in terms of design. We assigned a team of structural designers who had not previously worked with Riverford to the project. This encouraged maximum creativity and a truly fresh approach.

Our structural designers introduced new box sizes so all could be easily accommodated on one pallet. From franchisee through the rest of the supply chain, the pallet could now be built with ease, and these new sizes were rolled out across the organisation.

Benefits: Cost-effective, timesaving polycoated packaging

The polycoated boxes offer a style and material that is not only suitable for Riverford’s damp packing environment and their delivery and collection service, but is cost-effective. The standardised box sizes offer better stackability and integrity, resulting in less product damage.

What’s more, building a pallet with such ease is timesaving, and a greater number can now be stacked in vehicles at any one time. Each load is also much more secure.

Now being used throughout the company, these benefits have had a positive impact for everyone in the supply chain.

Investing in the machine for these highly specialised polycoated boxes has been advantageous to us, as well as Riverford, and we are one of the largest UK manufacturers of these boxes.