Client: Riverford Recipe Box


Riverford came to Atlas looking for a no-fuss solution to transporting their selection of ingredients for their growing customer base. Riverford wanted a solution that would make the delivery and preparation of organic ingredients seamless for the consumer.


From a planning perspective, Atlas generated a rigid strategy to meet all the objectives listed below. A holistic approach was used to enable the Atlas team to liaise seamless with the structural team at Riverford, ensuring that the design and structural process adhered to Riverford’s own communication strategy and vision. With the online food market changing, The Riverford Recipe Box design had to support Riverford’s vision of providing consumers with a 100% organic, no fuss, no waste, meal preparation kit. The box had to also follow these objectives:

  •  BRAND: Reflect Riverford’s core brand values.
  • STRUCTURE: Able to provide security and protection of the ingredients.
  • CROSS-CONTAMINATION: Prevent any cross-contamination from rough handling whilst in transit Adaptable with Riverford’s growing supply chain.
  • EASY TO SET UP: Quick to set up on their production line.
  • USER FRIENDLY: Follow the concept of providing a non-fuss meal for the consumer.


The solution created by the design team at Atlas was a glue crash-lock divided container making the delivery and preparation of organic ingredients seamless for the consumer. The pack satisfies the objectives as follows:

  • BRAND: The graphics and design clearly support the marketing and communication aspect of the company. The illustration of the carrot runs throughout Riverford’s marketing endeavours giving the box strong brand integrity.
  • STRUCTURE: A robust grade of recyclable corrugated board was selected for the recipe box.
  • CROSS-CONTAMINATION: Multi-adjustable dividers allow for flexibly for recipe ingredients that change week on week.
  • EASY TO SET UP: The crash lock box allows for assembly teams to be less than a second when being erected on Riverford’s growing production line.
  • USER FRIENDLY: The design of the box aids the customer to organise their ingredients for food preparation in a non-cluttered manner.


About the Riverford Recipe Box

Riverford Recipe Boxes are organic, vibrant veg-packed meals delivered straight to your home. They are produced by Riverford in the UK.

For further information on their range of organic produce visit