Condiments Packaging

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Condiments Packaging

Packaging for condiments, preserves and jarred products will either be for transporting to retailers or as gift packaging and presentation boxes. Given that the products are typically glass, it is imperative that all condiments packaging and storage boxes offer great protection with minimal movement and minimal material.

We design and manufacture boxes with corrugated cardboard divisions for the safe transportation of condiments, with each cell sized to suit the jar that it will hold. Four corner glued trays can also be used for this purpose; offering maximum packing space for jars with minimal movement. These trays can be supplied with corrugated lids which are slightly larger size, allowing them to slide on top of the box and thereby secure the contents.

For condiments packaging that will house jarred products and preserves, Atlas Packaging are able to design and create packaging solutions that are unique to your business and your needs. Not only will this help to enhance the appeal of the product, it will still offer complete protection from any potential knocks in transit which would usually result in a broken or damaged product.

For example, we can include space for complimentary products, or window patches for viewing multiple aspects of the product.

We are proud to have provided jar packaging for Duchy Originals, Crabtree & Evelyn, Bay Tree Foods and Quince Honey Farm.

How could we use that to advertise your business? Happy to talk further if you wish, love the idea!