Pet Food Packaging

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Pet Food Packaging

With pet stores everywhere and people thinking of what the best food to feed their pet is, pet-owners are, more than ever, prepared to spend on their pets. Great packaging is a way to maximise on this opportunity.

We at Atlas have fantastic experience in this industry, having worked with companies including Forthglade, based in Winkleigh, and Vet's Kitchen - healthy and organic food for cats and dogs.

We design, manufacture and supply suitable bespoke products ranging from retail-ready boxes, to transport and delivery, and even presentational packaging. We ensure that the finished products offer protection, are easily transportable and, when required to be shelf or retail-ready, are aesthetically pleasing and time efficient.

Our pet food packaging covers:

  • Packaging for transport and delivery - Usually taping top and bottom boxes. We take into account need for pallets to be easily shelf-stacked to full potential. We're able to sense-check these boxes, allowing an idea of how many will fit on a pallet, how much weight the boxes can take and how the boxes will be handled, thus providing good guidelines for both safety and protection.
  • Retail-ready packaging - This can be either shelf-ready boxes (often with a perforated top to take off for display purpose) or end-of-aisle floor stands, which are a great promotional tool and fantastic for lighter products such as treats.
  • Mail order packaging for sample packs - We're able to create great, functional mail-order packaging, suited to the product in question. These are generally mailing wraps, which work well for terms needed to be mailed.

More and more brands are fighting for space, so efficiency and brand awareness are critical when it comes to pet food. Atlas ensures that boxes are clearly branded and colourful - where needed - with many clients opting for a glossy finish.

We have a huge amount of experience in pet food packaging, and a great understanding of the supply chain. Therefore, we know that print is key, and the product must look visually attractive.

The size of the pack must also be carefully considered, in order to appeal to shoppers, as well as taking into account amount of shelf space used. Our in-house design team work to ensure all of the above is taken into consideration.

Our innovation continues to flourish. Flower boxes to keep delicate contents safe? We've done it.