When Devon condiments makers Otter Vale were in a pickle over sustainable packaging they needed to find a business that could match their environmental ambitions and they didn't even have to go outside of the county to find it as Andrea Laxon from Otter Vale explains:

"We had been searching for a long time for a sustainable and effective packaging solution without much success.  We needed a system to allow us to safely send 6 glass jars of chutney in a box in the post or via a courier which would minimise breakages and disappointment.  Ideally, it would be relatively quick to pack but which could eliminate or reduce the need for any extra packaging material, particularly plastics."

Industry award winner Atlas Packaging proved to be the perfect ingredient to this recipe as we designed a bespoke corrugated cardboard protective filler to solve the problem.

Cardboard inner protective filler

Atlas design team made a sustainable bespoke corrugated cardboard protective filler

A chance meeting with our sales representative Tom Sharman proved to be the key as Tom assured the award winning chutney producers that Atlas Packaging would be up to the challenge, Andrea Laxon again:

"A few weeks later we were very pleasantly surprised when Tom came back with the finished article. The box with inserts/inner fillers has worked beautifully for us and our customers. It’s sustainable, secure, smart and has a great strap line - Another Otterly wonderful delivery from Devon!"

Atlas Packaging will be exhibiting at the Source Trade Show from Taste of the West in Exeter next month. Come and speak to our design and sales teams on February 6 and 7 at Westpoint about how we can help you with your food, e-commerce, monthly subscription boxes, veg boxes or any other packaging requirements.