Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond announced plans for a new packaging tax dubbed 'the plastic tax' in his budget speech last Monday. Mr Hammond told the Commons that " would transform the economies of sustainable packaging” by discouraging single use packaging with limited recycled content in favour of packaging that contains at least 30 per cent recycled material. The corrugated cardboard material that Atlas Packaging creates its boxes from is made of paper containing on average 88 per cent recycled material and is 100 per cent biodegradable and under the information provided by Government so far would be exempt from this new tax. 

Forthglade dog food box

Flexo printed corrugated cardboard packaging for dog food makers Forthglade that would be exempt from the new tax under the information provided so far by Government

For more than thirty years Atlas Packaging has been one of the UK's leading independent corrugated cardboard packaging companies. Atlas is proud of its environmental approach to packaging with almost everything from the production process being recycled. Trudie Marsh, Production Manager at Atlas Packaging has welcomed the announcement:

"We are rightly proud that the raw material for our packaging is a natural product and is 88 per cent made from recycled fibres. The remaining paper comes from certified sustainable sources and the glue is starch based. The ink we use is water based. Our clients can also feel proud that they're making a sustainable selection when it comes to packaging their products and the cardboard boxes can be reused by the consumer or put into their kerbside recycling box."


Box being designed by our excellent design team

A corrugated cardboard box being designed at Atlas Packaging

The proposal will now go out to public consultation.