Consumers are expecting more from retailers when it comes to making packaging as environmentally friendly as possible according to the Soil Association. In a recent survey the organic produce certification organisation found that 67 percent of the public questioned want organic produce to be sold in environmentally friendly packaging. The Soil Association says that consumers want less plastic and more paper and card based packaging which is labelled as bio-degradable, recyclable and environmentally friendly.

Riverford veg box

Riverford veg box made from cardboard and is reusable and recyclable 

Riverford Organic Farmers based in South Devon have announced that by 2020 they will use home compostable plastic bags and punnets for wrapping produce. The company's ethos for 30 years has been to be as environmentally sustainable as possible. Atlas Packaging devised and made Riverford's iconic veg boxes which are delivered to households across the country. When the customer receives their delivery of fruit and vegetables they also leave out their previous box to be returned to Riverford to be reused. Here is a video from Riverford's founder Guy Watson-Singh about his efforts to reduce plastic and why.  

Atlas Packaging produces a range of products that can be used as substitutes for plastic. The corrugated board is produced from recycled material and sustainable certified sources. The packaging is also 100% recyclable and is why FEFCO, the European Corrugated Packaging Association, describes corrugated cardboard as being circular by nature because of where it comes from and how it can be recycled into new packaging.


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