When mainstream and social media turned its focus on the rising trend of Veganism and the #veganuary movement this month then food and drink producers have been handed a great opportunity to showcase their brands to a much wider audience. Vegan produce is loaded with positive messages and for many producers being able to offer vegan varieties of their products enhances their brand with those healthy and ethical impressions. Here at Atlas we have been producing packaging for great companies who have put vegan at the heart of their business model.

Missfits vegan orange protein balls

Missfits Protein Vegan Wonderballs have vibrant SRP to reflect their brand 


Missfits Nutrition began in 2016 to create protein based products from natural ingredients that would be appealing primarily to women. Their packaging design is colourful and vibrant but doesn't have images of bodybuilding to reflect that their products are for people who want the benefits of extra protein without feeling inferior. The vegan protein wonderballs come in a litho laminated SRP and we also produce a flexo two colour print version for their protein sachets SRP. 

Jubel Elderflower beer close up showing on the label it's vegan friendly

Jubel Beer is made with Elderflower or Peach and is vegan friendly as well as being gluten free

As well as being vegan friendly,  Jubel beer is also gluten free and has a clean and crisp design to mirror the taste of the product. The ethical feel of the brand extends to its packaging. The labels are plastic free and we make the SRP corrugated packaging (from recycled and sustainable sourced paper) that sits on the shelves at Sainsburys where the beer is mainly sold. 

Celtic chocolates dairy free Rondellos SRPNaturelly vegan friendly childrens snack

Celtic Chocolates dairy free chocolates and Naturelly Juicy Jelly are vegan favourites of children 

Shelf Ready Packaging (SRP) is a great way of transporting a consumable product with the box having a dual purpose. The lid is easily and quickly removed to reveal the product inside and printed with brand imagery for instant recognition when placed directly on the shelf. Speak to our team at Atlas Packaging about your food and drink packaging.