With Spring now here and the clocks having leapt forward this weekend you may be thinking about staging an outdoor event this year. If you're thinking of providing seating but don't know what's best then how about the BumBox™ from Atlas Packaging? It's a seat and a sponsorship opportunity in one easy to carry solution that your visitors can take away with them at the end of the day.

Your visitors can take the BumBox™ home to be used again and again


The BumBox™ is made from corrugated cardboard and can be printed in a range of colours and designs. The eco event seat is delivered flat packed with simple user instructions printed on to the BumBox™. It's designed to support the back holding up to 120kg or almost 19 stone in weight.

The BumBox™ in use at Somerset House Film 4 Summer Screen

© Somerset House 2019 - The BumBox™ in use at Film 4 Summer Screen at Somerset House. 

The BumBox™ is also a portable billboard. As the seats are reusable the brand and message can be taken away from an event and each time they're used again you're advertising to more people. We often hear from people that they love reusing the BumBox™ for picnics or to play in the park and so that positive message is aligned with your brand. When the seat is no longer needed then it can be left out for kerbside recycling as it's completely made from cardboard. Even the ink is water based and contains no animal products.

Speak to us about how the BumBox™ can be your event seating solution.

BumBox - Event Seating Solution