When drinks producers are thinking about their impact on the environment and what they can do to make their brand greener, Atlas Packaging has an easy win. At the moment many producers will pack their 330ml or 500ml bottles on trays and then wrap around shrink plastic to not only stop breakages but for the branding on the bottle to still be seen. The corrugated cardboard box manufacturers in Barnstaple, though, have a plastic free solution according to Mark Leverton, Sales Director at  Atlas Packaging. 

"Our fully enclosed boxes are a great way of replacing plastic packaging. The boxes are easily assembled at the brewery or packing plant and can be hand or machine filled. But crucially our Flexo printing machine can create stunning brand enhancing imagery on the box itself so everyone can clearly see what product is inside".

The UK produces more than a 170 million tonnes of waste each year with some types of plastic taking 450 years to break down. But the fully enclosed box is made from corrugated cardboard which is a combination of recycled material and sustainably sourced paper. The ink used is also part of the environmentally focused approach endorsed by Atlas Packaging.

One of the UK's leading independent corrugated packaging producers, Atlas knows that it may take some time for firms to make the change from shrink wrapped plastic to a fully enclosed box. But by demonstrating how brand image can be maintained and even enhanced through a sustainable packaging choice it should give drinks producers some greener options for when their production process changes.