Article about Atlas Packaging on page 70 of Brewing Business Magazine's Autumn 2018 edition

With a growing consumer movement demanding less single use plastic packaging, companies within the UK drinks sector are investigating more sustainable alternatives. Atlas Packaging in Barnstaple is one of the UK’s largest independent corrugated packaging producers and its design team in Barnstaple are creating options for customers to reduce plastic.

Brewing Business article

Head of Atlas design Dave King says a move to less plastic is an opportunity for innovation: “We get enquiries for cardboard trays which will then be plastic shrink wrapped with bottle or cans so the drink branding can still be seen in transport as well as at the point of sale. But we’re planting the seed to drink producers to think about having their branding on a sealed box which eliminates plastic altogether.”  

Fully enclosed boxes, also known as FEFCO Regular Container 0201s and American Cases, are becoming increasingly popular with major retailers as they can be stacked for display selling or as shelf ready packaging. Dave King added: ”These fully enclosed boxes are quick and easy to use, they’re supplied flat and can come with a crash lock base or pre-taped. We know that not all businesses are ready to convert yet but as their customers ask for no plastic in this type of packaging then firms will look for alternatives. We use Flexo printing on the boxes and the end product is fantastic quality that makes brands stand out.”

Producers of corrugated packaging also highlight that around 88 per cent of their product comes from recycled sources with the remainder made up of sustainable paper and once used the cardboard itself is fully recyclable. The boxes can be used for standard and non-standard bottles sizes as well as cans.  Drinks producers are also using printed cardboard packaging for the growing demand in gift packs combining bottled beers or ciders with a commemorative glass. Atlas Packaging is a SIBA member and produces a range of corrugated boxes across the brewery sector including for St Austell Brewery and its popular Tribute Cornish Pale Ale in distinctive purple packaging.