With Daffodils, Primrose and Magnolia all just around the corner now is a great time to consider how freshly grown British flowers will be sent for retail and e-commerce home delivery this year. As customer expectations increase then the structural and graphic design of the packaging surrounding the flowers takes on even more importance according to Liam Beades, Horticulture Packaging Specialist at Atlas Packaging:

"Flowers and plants are extremely difficult to transport due to their delicate nature alongside their requirement of soil and water to keep the product alive. But our award-winning design team have created a number of innovative flower boxes and flower packaging solutions to combat these issues. Receiving flowers through the post, though, is a special moment and our beautifully printed cardboard packaging adds to the excitement."


Rose design covered flower box

Flexo printed flower box provides a wow factor of a first impression with Valentine's Day next month


Here at Atlas Packaging we understand that immediate impressions of flower packaging are critical. The design not only represents the brand but sets the standard for the flowers inside. Our packaging communicates luxury and high quality through the use of design and print features that are achieved using any one of our litho print, silk screen printing, digital and flexo post print options.


Daffodil packaging

Point of Sale display packaging for British Daffodils


We combine our in-depth knowledge of horticulture packaging with a thorough understanding of the supply chain in this industry and the use of high quality materials to produce the best outcome for your business. As well as decorative designs, the strength of flower boxes is vitally important to protect the flowers during transit and innovative design features such as boxes that will retain plants and water if the package falls over or is inverted.  With Valentine's Day next month there is still time to speak to Atlas Packaging about how we can help to create your packaging. More details are available here https://www.atlaspackaging.co.uk/what-we-make/horticulture-packaging

Article author: Liam Beades - Horticulture Packaging Specialist - Atlas Packaging