Automotive transit packaging

Atlas Packaging is responsible for the supply of automotive transit packaging to a number of manufacturers and companies. We design and supply a variety of product packaging solutions including point of sale (POS) packaging, industrial packaging, transportation outers and full colour retail ready packaging (RRP), with all processes and services provided by our elite workforce at our plant in Barnstaple, North Devon.

Retail ready automotive product packaging

Retail ready automotive product packaging is designed to be suitably strong for transit whilst bearing the presentational features of retail packaging. The durable corrugated board will bear printed designs, branding and logos of the manufacturer, and include a perforated easy-remove panel to present the product to the consumer. The combination of structural design practicality with attractive printed graphics results in a functional yet eye catching method of packaging for automotive goods.

Transportation Outers

Atlas Packaging’s Transportation Outers for the automotive and transit industries are designed to the client’s exact specification to suit their requirements. The protective outer packaging is constructed from heavy duty double walled corrugated cardboard to offer maximum safety and stability during transit. Generally, industrial automotive product packaging features less design work than retail packaging whilst still featuring the printed branding, logos and product information.

Our automotive product packaging clients include Illinois Tool Works who supply spray guns for the automotive industry. We supply them with point of sale packaging featuring full colour branding, which is designed to attract the consumer’s attention and communicate the quality of the product within.

Crash lock containers and standard 0201 packaging

Depending on the speed of the manufacturer production line, it may be pertinent to supply packaging which is quick and easy to assemble.  Many of our clients opt for standard 0201 cardboard boxes to meet this requirement as they have flaps to seal the container and, if required, can include crash lock containers. As well as creating a solid base for security, adding crash lock containers to standard 0201 packaging gives the corrugated boxes the advantage of being very quick and simple to assemble, with any gluing having already taken place at Atlas Packaging. The containers will be supplied in flat form so that all that is required on the assembly line is unfolding to prompt the self-locking function of the underside.

Just in time packaging for automotive tools

Just in time production is common place in many industries owing to a ‘little and often’ style of demand that has been driven by major retailers. Here at Atlas Packaging we accommodate this industry trend by supplying a reliable Just in Time Packaging service. We incorporate Just in time requirements into the production and supply of automotive packaging, taking care of all logistics with line side delivery to ensure the packaging is delivered directly to the production line. We take great pride in our execution of lean manufacturing methods to ensure the client’s production line stays cost effective.

As one of the UK’s leading packaging suppliers, Atlas Packaging design, manufacture and supply automotive and engineering product packaging to a number of small and large engineering companies. We have experience in supplying packaging to sound engineering company Allan and Heath Mixers, who provide professional quality audio mixing consoles for live, studio, broadcast and PA, contractors. We also provide packaging services for heating system companies and sound engineers, all of whom have stringently exact specifications requirements for packaging which can be confidently met by Atlas Packaging using cost saving lean manufacturing techniques .

Atlas Packaging has high end facilities that are operated by a dedicated and competent team, giving them the competitive edge of being able to offer the flexibility needed to supply a wide range of packaging solutions for businesses of all sizes.