Event branding and branded packaging

With a growing trend for companies to market their brand using innovative advertising concepts such as experiential marketing, guerrilla advertising and out of house advertising campaigns, it is becoming increasing popular for brands to spread their message through advertising at related events and venues such as festivals, music gigs, charity events, open air theatres and public events.

Owing to this popularity for original branding exercises by large companies, Atlas Packaging have seen the demand for bespoke designs for our clients’ targeted campaigns soar. This can take the form of promotional goods or functional products that will be used on mass at events and therefore instantly brand an entire venue with a company’s image.

Atlas Packaging has designed and produced corrugated cardboard products for Bum Box – a company that supply environmentally sound event seating for a unique Experiential Marketing solution. These products have been used to great effect at major events such as Ascot and the Hitchcock BFI Film Festival at London’s Southbank centre.


We know that when brand image is key and you want to portray the highest standard of quality and professionalism as possible, the condition of print quality is crucial in order to leave a positive lasting impression on the consumer.

Our print workshop house 3 types of printing facility – silk screen, 4 colour and lithoprint. This range enables us to provide a range of print finishes to suit the requirements of the end destination of the product. For example, our event packaging can be finished with a waterproof and durable coating to reduce damage from weather or heavy usage.