Free standing display units

Free standing display units (FSDUs) generally serve the same purpose as counter display units but are usually larger to accommodate wider ranges or bigger heavier products, usually at the end of supermarket aisles. The units are constructed from a tough corrugated board which is designed to be long lasting to enable retailers to replenish stock.

Branded FSDUs and packaging

The large units are frequently adorned with logos and advertising designs to showcase brands, display offers and enhance marketing campaigns. Our in-house design team are on hand to help you to develop existing brand ideas or to start from the beginning with your design brief. The structural and graphics team work collaboratively to design floor standing display units that present products creatively and practically.

Strong visual appeal plays a major part in the decision making processes for customers making on the spot impulse purchases, so make sure that your product is showcased as well as it possibly can be so that you don’t miss a sale.

If you want to discuss your requirements for well designed, structually integral FSDUs then please fill out our enquiry form.