Furniture packaging

Heavy and bulky items of furniture are at high risk of damage during transit if they aren’t packed in appropriately designed protective packaging. Here at Atlas Packaging, we design and supply protective packaging that ensures complete protection against damage so that furniture products travel from manufacturer to retailer safely and securely.

A popular option for furniture packaging is our die-cut five panel wraps. These cartons arrive at the manufacturer in a flat and unfolded form, which are then assembled into a tray with an integral lid for protection. The wraps can be created from a variety of different grades of single wall and double wall heavy duty corrugated cardboard, depending on the type and desired protection level of the furniture to be packaged. Self-assembly kitchen worktops and cupboard sets are often packaged in heavy duty double wall corrugated cardboard to offer the maximum protection for the product during transit and ensure that it arrives to the consumer in pristine condition.

Furniture packaging from Atlas Packaging can be designed to be stacked on pallets for shipping and transit to the consumer with no damage. If required, furniture packaging can include manufacturer branding, product names, content descriptions, bar codes, part numbers and consumer assembly instructions.


As a packaging supplier, Atlas Packaging manufactures furniture packaging primarily for flat pack furniture, beds, tables, bedside cabinets and chairs as well as pre-built furniture. Our furniture packaging is designed with inbuilt protection to offer extra protection against damage during transit.

We have been providing furniture packaging to flat pack furniture manufacturers including B&Q, Argos, Homebase, Ikea and Tesco for over 15 years. As well as boasting a large portfolio of pre-designed furniture packaging solutions, Atlas Packaging’s graphic and structural design team can design bespoke packaging solutions that are tailored client’s specifications. We can provide a specialised design service for the packaging of one-off/unique furniture pieces to feature design elements that protect the product whilst presenting it effectively in a retail environment. We use specialise design software such as ArtiosCAD to provide bespoke and technically accurate structural designs.


When required, Atlas Packaging can design and supply furniture packaging which is retail ready. This multi-functional furniture packaging solution combines the protectiveness of transportation packaging with the visual appeal (branding, logos and images) that attract the consumer’s attention at the point of retail. We use a range of printing techniques to adorn the packaging surface with high quality imagery. This creates packaging that enhances product appeal whilst also offering quick manufacturer recognition. Throughout the design and manufacturing processes, we adhere to lean manufacturing techniques that ensure efficiency, cost effectiveness and significantly reduced.