Pharmaceutical and medical packaging

Atlas Packaging produces pharmaceutical packaging and medical packaging that strictly adheres to pharmaceutical industry guidelines and requirements. We strive to ensure that we meet or exceed guidelines with British Retail Consortium accreditation and ISO 9001:2008 compliance. Due to the nature of pharmaceutical products, industry stipulations demand that certain product information, dosage instructions and ingredients are clearly listed. Medical packaging can be date and batch stamped in accordance with pharmaceutical guidelines. We will work closely with the client to ensure that all products comply with industry requirements and laws.

We aim to be flexible to the client’s needs and can supply a variety of pharmaceutical packaging, ranging from small die cut containers through to large transit pallet boxes. Our top of the range in-house facilities enable us to provide our clients with a full design and manufacturing service. We frequently produce die-cut quick-assemble boxes (for products such as tablets and medicated confectionery), crash lock boxes offering ease and speed of assembly on a fast moving packaging line, as well as pallet-ready standard 0201 cardboard boxes which are suitable for the outer packaging of large quantities of product. Our 6-strong design team can offer a library of pharmaceutical packaging designs as well as the option to create bespoke pack designs from scratch.


Some pharmaceutical products require crash lock packaging. This type of medical packaging has the advantage of being very quick to assemble with any gluing having already taken place at the point of production. The specific design of crash lock packaging is such that it requires little interaction from the production line employee; all that is required is simple assembly to form the carton for packing.

Atlas Packaging supplies a range of pharmaceutical packaging to GlaxoSmithKline – ranging from small die cut pharmaceutical cartons through to large pallet cases for transit.

We have supplied manufacturers of medicated confectionery including Strepsils, Halls Soothers and Victory V lozenges, they came to us with a need for a packaging solution that enabled products to be packaged and transported in branded boxes which can then be placed on the shelf with minimal interaction from the retailer. We provided them with a one-box solution that eliminates the need for outer packaging as it offers both transit packaging and retail packaging in one. A perforated panel which can be easily removed in order to present the product to the consumer in eye catching way was included within the bespoke design, resulting in a distinguishable packaging unit that enhances the products.

We also supply Perrigo with shelf-ready die cut trays for their own brand pharmaceutical products, as well as quick-assembly die cut boxes for over-the-counter and prescription medications.