Packaging graphic design and print services

With graphic design, prototyping, testing and production all under one roof, we ensure that the highest quality standards are maintained throughout the process.

The Graphics Team

At Atlas, our 6-strong design team play a vital role in making sure that the creative side of the packaging process is well looked after. Having an in-house design team allows for easy integration; making liaison between all services more efficient. We can therefore make the necessary tweaks and arrangements we need to make before heading for final production. Our graphic designers are fully qualified and have the technical ability to bring your ideas to fruition. Whether you need art rendering, graphic consultation or inspiration, our team can adapt and change depending on your requirements.

Recent investment has allowed us to have the facilities to produce accurate prototypes that give a close representation and feel for the final product. This allows us to make sure our designs are up to our renowned high quality standard, whilst giving you, the customer, an indication as to how the packaging will look before it goes to final production.  

Packaging Print Services

The printing facilities that we have here at our North Devon plant are among some of the finest quality that you will come by. Our specialist equipment gives us the ability to print in a vast range of superior finishes and formats, machinery includes:

Infrared (IR) Driers – These allow us to print on coated materials for a vibrant, glossy finish. IR technology also speeds up the drying process, therefore significantly reducing production time and energy usage.

Spectrophotometer - This device allows for acute colour accuracy.

Our experienced graphic design team are at your disposal to create fresh designs or to re-work existing artwork. From design to prototype to production, we closely monitor all processes to ensure complete consistency.

Environmental responsibility is taken incredibly seriously across all of Atlas’s departments. The inks that we use for printing are all water based as opposed to solvent based, and waste is recycled through a water filtration system which separates the ink to form non-toxic by-products.